Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Challenge from Ahmed:  Islam-watch Remains Live; Ahmed Leaves with Respect

Debate between editor MA Khan and Mr. Ahmed:

Part 1: Challenge to Close Down Islam-watch: Debate on Quran 9:5, the 'Sword Verse'

Part 2: Challenge to Close Down Islam-watch: Muhammad, Not Meccans, Broke Hudaybiyah Treaty

Part 3: Challenge from Ahmed: Islam-watch Remains Live; Ahmed Leaves with Respect

Greetings Mr. Khan,

I will be with all honesty with you. I admit, I am unable to continue now, and that I have checked all Islamic sources as I can, but I couldn't find refutations to your claim. All people who engage in a debate on this issue do claim 9:5 has a relation with Treaty of Hudaibiyyah, but you have some kind of solid proof against me. So I admit defeat in this. I am not a scholar, so I am not ready to continue in a very hard debate.

Let me tell you something. Although you and many of your supporters have shown little to nothing amount of respect towards me or any Muslim, I do respect you for your research and works. After seeing Ali Sina's site,, and your site, a seed of doubt have been planted in my heart and ever since, and the more I looked, the more I feel separated from Islam. I tried to search for the truth. I am a Muslim, as for now, and I have been raised Muslim, and truthfully saying, I do not see any other faith which is more logical than Islam. Christianity is the most illogical religion, as well as Hinduism. Judaism is completely baseless - they are still waiting for a Messiah!! And many other faiths have problems too.

But let me ask you a question: If you think Islam is not true, than what is the truth? Which is the path to God? And if you are an atheist, please do not tell me that there is no God, because I find that the claim about this existence and universe came by accident even more illogical than these illogical religions! I firmly believe in the existence of God, and ONE God.

I am in complete state of confusion. My children and my wife are Muslims, and they look upon me as their role model, and I feel ridiculous and very, very bad to be like this. I now know, that Islam may not be the truth that has been told to me, and Mohammed may not be a 'proper' prophet and role model - but I also know that there is no other logical religion other than it.

This has been happening for more than a year now - and I do need someone to help me find the truth. Jesus said seek the truth and the truth will set you free, but his prophesy is not getting fulfiled according to me.

One of the reasons why I started to doubt about Mohammed is when I saw Jesus says ""love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you."

But I never recalled Mohammed saying things like this! Even if it is Paul who said those words, I am generally against violence - I want to follow a path of love, tolerance, peace, and filled with justice - but worshipping one God.

Anyways, sorry for making this long, and thanks for your debate and patience. I will continue to search for the truth - if Islam is indeed the ultimate truth, I will pray for guidance for me as well as for all you.

Thanks, Ahmed

Dear Ahmed,

I am deeply moved by your honesty. I am also impressed by your level of decency, where, to be true, I have failed myself. A few comments I made could have been more restrained. I will undoubtedly learn and improve in future.

I also urge my readers, the supporters in particular, to be more restrained against attacking the individuals; our attacks, which means unrestrained criticism in decent language, should be targeted at Islam, Muhammad and Allah included.

I am personally an atheist and a liberal humanist. It's hardest to be an atheist, I know. I am atheist just because I did not come across any irrefutable argument in support of the existence of God.

My overall philosophy is that whether there is a god or not, it does not matter but living a good, honest and contributory life does. If there is a God, everything human beings do, or are capable of doing—good or bad—also ultimately spring from God. Our biological constitution—created by none else but God (I say ‘nature’)—is entirely responsible for all our actions. God cannot punish us for doing things, which He has made us capable of doing. In this regard, I like Einstein's words most: "I cannot believe in a God who will sit in judgment of his own creation."

Most of all, even no human father, with all his frailties and short-comings, would not wish to punish his sons or daughters for whatever crime they commit in the way Allah wants to punish humans in hellfire. Not even Hitler would have liked to punish the Jews the way Allah promises to punish sinners—his own creation, created out of his love. If He truly wants so, He is not worth the respect of civilized, compassionate human beings like you and me. I would rather protest this barbarity of Allah and happily join billions of otherwise good, humane and very valuable human beings, who will be in the pit of fire for eternity after death.

As you are on a path to find truth, I will advise you to start with the biography of the Prophet (by Ibn Ishaq or al-Tabari, the latter is more systematic but harder to get), followed by the Quran. This will help you understand Islam. If you are satisfied, stay with it. If not, move on to explore more.

Wish you best in your journey.

MA Khan

MA Khan is the editor of website.

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